Monday, October 03, 2005

Lost! Jim the Cat

Well, Jim’s gone. He left last Sunday evening, and hasn’t been seen since. We’ve developed several theories on his whereabouts: he got lost, someone else found him and kept him, he’s sick of Marcus’ shit and took off, or he’s on an extended vacation. He had a tag on with contact information, so I am theorizing that if the collar was found sans cat, or if he were injured (or worse) we would be contacted. I’ve checked all of the local animal shelters, have talked to many of my neighbors, checked the place we last lived at several times, even posted on Craigslist (to see the listing, click here). All to no avail.

Marcus has mixed feelings, he goes from seeming a little down and extra needy for attention, to staring out of the window for long periods, although he’s always done that. He’ll rest his chin on his little paws and look really upset. Then he’ll swing to the other end of the spectrum, and race around yowling and he’s the fun happy quivering-tail cat.

On the lighter side, I guess my cat contingency plan is working. When my last cat died, I was so upset, that I felt if I got another cat I would get two, that way if something happened to one I wouldn't be so sad. I guess, as Kramer would say, "It's up to the cat, now."

Where the heck is Jim? Dammit, Jim!

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