Friday, October 28, 2005

observations about money games

Something I find really annoying and odd is all the people who start to play the lottery just because the jackpot is up to a ridiculous amount. This past time around it was up to 150 million or something else incomprehensible. People I work with at the office and in my personal life talk about how they never play the lottery but had to this time, and proudly brandish a full hand of lotto tickets. I don’t understand why people do that. The more people who don’t normally play there are, the harder it makes for get the winnings, or if you do there’s more likely a chance that you’ll have to share. How much cumulatively do people spend to play the lottery? I think it’s weird that lotto games are a necessary and in some places, integral part of our economy.

There’s a bunch of casinos here (everywhere). They’re all out toward the coast; I’ve been to two but only spent a couple of bucks at each. I am more into walking around and observing all the people there, and the blatant excessiveness. I once had a 6 hour layover in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at the time I had a friend who lived there. She picked me up from the airport, and gave me a quick tour. One of the casions we went to was the Hard Rock Casino. Something that amazed me, is simply because I put a dollar into a machine, a waitress came up and gave me a complimentary drink (I got a beer). As I was finishing my drink, another server came by and gave me another. I couldn’t believe it, and sensed a pattern. Amazingly I won $14 dollars at the game I was at (video poker), and continued to play and get served beers until I was down to $9. Thoroughly buzzed (I’m a lightweight), I decided to cut my losses, and look at rock and roll memorbeilia. When I got back on the plane, I passed out for the duration of the second leg of my flight.

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