Saturday, October 08, 2005

the pictures of trees in the previous post were taken

I think on The Beech Forest Trail in Provincetown, MA. There are several little trails there, and they are all beautiful and full of vibrant colors, shapes and smells. I don't remember see what the name of it was, but there was a little orientation spot at the beginning of the trail. We didn't stop there, of course, there was a group of about 10 people who got out of a mini van as we pulled up, and we didn't want to walk with them so we took off while they were looking at the signage.

When we went, it was late summer, and there were an excessive amount of insects invisible to the eye that would buzz in your ear and bite you and leave large red welts under your armpit, on your ear, or on your forehead. I think there's some insect vengeance going on there, almost as if it's a planned attack. Grapenut and I were pretty psychotic by the time we finished hiking the trail, the bugs made us so mental. Jae, however, has mastered the mind powers needed to control and repel the insect aggrivators. It was beautiful, and even with the invisible irritation, we had a great time and we saw some unique and interesting nature. I have been living in a climate where the bugs aren't too intrusive in a wooded setting and forget other areas have enough bugs to make up the difference.

The below excerpt was taken from The Cape Cod National Seashore website, under the "Places" subsection.

The Beech Forest Trail is a 1-1/2 mile loop that skirts the Beech Forest Pond and travels through a forest dominated by beech trees, which once were much more numerous on Outer Cape Cod. The area is gradually being inundated by migrating sand. It is a rewarding area for bird watching, especially for sighting warblers in the spring and fall.

The picture above is taken of the Atlantic Ocean from a different part of Cape Cod National Seashore Park. There is a great looking network of biking trails all throughout the dunes and shore vegetation. I was advised when I visited not to stray off of trails because there is a large quantity of poison ivy that grows in large quantities all over. Most of the trails were paved, as shown below. Grapenut took the photograph below in a prior visit:

We didn't have bikes, you could rent them at many places in Provincetown if you couldn't bring your own. We spent so much time doing all sorts of other things that we were pretty booked, and decided we have to return to try out different things and revisit awesome things.

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