Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A schizophrenic guy called

about wanting to get a job at my company, and he introduced himself by telling me hasn't had much experience and believes he isn’t getting hired by anyone because he has a disability.

“Hello, do you hire people that are disabled?” a nervous sounding young man inquired.

“Well, we are a temporary staffing service that specializes in employing people with disabilities. If you have a disability, we will employ you and give you the opportunity to work.” I robotically replied.

“ Well, I have a disability, and I’ve had a real hard time getting a job. In fact,” he protested, “I know that’s why nobody’s hired me.”

“In that case,” I reassured him, “you should definitely set an appointment to attend our orientation, and you can learn more about our company and the kinds of opportunities available. I must take 20 calls a day that sound a lot like the conversation I was having with this guy.

“Uhhh….Okay” the young man hesitantly answered. We went through a few questions and answers, and exchanged information and I ended up making an appointment for him that Wednesday. I confirmed our appointment time and date, and asked him if he had any questions.

“Yeah, um, I haven’t been able to get a job at all and I know it’s because of my disability. you see, I’m bi-polar,” he paused, I thought to myself no big deal, and he interjected, “and schizophrenic. But I’m fine, I really am I take my medication and everything’s been fine for a while,” he hurriedly added, as if he was trying to sell me a car that was in an auto accident.

“Look, I’m telling you, come down here, and you’ll see what we’re about. We just hired 5 schizophrenic guys last week, and two of them just got out of prison. They’re all working right now. ”

“Really?” he asked with disbelief apparent in his voice, “Okay, I’ll be down tomorrow, thanks!”

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