Tuesday, October 11, 2005

UNICEF Bombs The Smurfs

UNICEF has created a commercial, where about :42 into it they show a scene depicting the smurfs getting bombed. It's caused quite a stir on the internet, if you would like to view it click here.

War can happen anywhere
The 20-second video commercial clip now being shown on Belgian TV aims to show that war can happen in the most innocent of places, Henon said.

“We get reactions from all over the place, people are shocked and want to know the reasons behind this cartoon image.”

The appeal is meant to raise money for UNICEF projects in Burundi, Congo and Sudan, Henon said. However, due to its graphic and disturbing scenes, this cartoon is not for everyone. The advertisement is aimed at an adult audience and is only shown after 9 p.m. to avoid upsetting young Smurfs fans.The video is peacefully introduced by birds, butterflies and happy Smurfs playing and singing their theme song when suddenly out of the sky, bombs rain down onto their forest village, scattering Papa Smurf and the rest as their houses are set ablaze.

The bombs kill Smurfette leaving Baby Smurf orphaned and crying at the edge of a crater in the last scene of the video and finishing of with the text “don’t let war destroy the children’s world.”

After a little web surfing about the subject, I come across a message board at www.cruel.com and found this feedback:

Topic: UNICEF bombs the Smurfs
Posted by Undead Minion
on 2005-10-09; 21:19:49

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It's about fucking time.

Forward to 40 seconds in to see what would have happened if Gargamel had got his hands on a B-52.

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We were looking @ this yesterday during our usual down time @ work.