Sunday, November 13, 2005

Audubon and onward

The Harmony update:

I can honestly say that I don't really like pigeons. This one would attack me when I would try to give him birdseed, or fix his water thing he walked in, knocked over and shit on for the hundredth time. He would either whip me with his wings, or peck my hand.

I brought Harmony to the Audubon society, where it was determined that he was of a non-native species and our state's department of fish and wildlife didn't have funds to help him. They did examine him, and found that his leg looks like a cat may have bitten it, and gave him an antibiotic. The people at the Audubon society said it was a Rock Pigeon, and they couldn't tell if it was male or female. They also said it was a fledgling, and could fly short distances. My choices were to have left the bird there, where they would have euthanised him, or I could take it home with me and nurse it back to health, where Harmony would have a 50-50 chance of living. I know Kitt isn't in a position to keep and take care of this bird, even though she indicated she wanted to.

I cleared out my closet, and lined the floor several layers with newspaper, and put a barrier in front of the open door so it could get light and air. Harmony happily ate seed flapped his wings and shit all night, and this morning he flew out of the barrier and gave himself a self-guided tour of my apartment. I figured if it was well enough to do all that, it must be fine. When Harmony was walking on top of my refrigerator, he didn't seem to limp at all anymore. I opened the door and let him out, and he flapped and flew low, up the street, out of sight.

That was the last I saw of Harmony.

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