Monday, November 28, 2005

I am having a hard time dealing with this contradiction:

I went to a doctor’s appointment today, and the nurse who took my vital signs and asked me the pre-interview questions was really heavy, in fact I’d say obese. The doctor, on the other hand, wasn’t obese. She looked regular and normal. I start to think while I’m at the doctor’s office that the nurse is the warm-up or opening act, and the doctor is the main show. But the best part of waiting for the doctor after the nurse, is the span of time you have between the two. It's a notoriously timeless yawn in the time-space continuum. And there aren’t any clocks in the room, time passed could have been 10 minutes, or 45 minutes. It’s the twilight zone in there. I pass the time by playing with all of the models of body parts, the blood pressure cuff, the lighted magnifying look –at-your-throat-or-in-your-ear-thing. I walk around, I’m restless, I weigh myself a bunch of times and hold different objects to see what the weight differences are. I like the thrill of going through all of the drawers and cabinets in there, with one ear to the door in anticipation listening for the turn of the knob and click of the handle while you’re caught red handed clutching a handful of tongue depressors, and the other hand in the drawer about to steal a tuning fork. The look on the doctor’s face is priceless.

Back to the contradiction...I’m not saying that employers in the medical field should discriminate and not hire overweight people. I just feel that at a doctor’s office, I expect the people who take care of my health to have a general knowledge of how to be healthy, and their employment should be contingent upon representing the personification of a healthy lifestyle. The only exception I can think of is when it’s an absolutely uncontrolled condition, like genetic pre-disposition, or something. It’s just weird, and makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when these overweight healthcare practitioners tsk tsk me a few minutes of questions and examination. I feel like saying, “Who the f are you to judge me?” but I don’t want to put things at a sour angle because I need the service I made the appointment for. I personally believe that mankind’s consumption of hydrogenated corn oil, refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup is mutating molecules and transforming the way we metabolize and process those non-natural food products. But whatever. I also think most prescription drugs are bad for you, and are designed for you to take them with several follow up pills to treat side effects. I’ve tried to debate this with healthcare professionals in the past, and the only people with an open mind are the alternative medicine doctors, or acupuncturists.

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