Sunday, November 27, 2005

Motorcycles are cool.

Unfortunately, I am too chicken to ever drive one. I get nervous driving go-carts on a supervised track with tire bumpers lining the raceway. I was hanging around outside earlier this evening, and a motorcycle drove past us, down the street. As soon as I saw the reflective shine of the street lights in the chrome and polished black, I began to think that motorcycles make a really cool rock and roll accessory. I think a rock and roll person could take it to the next rock and roll level if they started to drive a motorcycle. Just as long as it was a cool motorcycle, and I can't think of any that aren't cool, unless you count a vespa or something, and those aren't really rock and roll, but more indy-rockish. I think chopped ot Harleys are especially rock and roll, but the futuristic, shiny and sleek speedy motorcycles are cool too. I can really appreciate motorcycles, but forsee a negative and painful string of events occuring if I ever had the opportunity to drive one. Maybe if I had to save my life by driving a motorcycle, I could carefully and pretty slowly drive myself to safety. I honestly believe there's a better chance of me driving a semi tractor-trailer truck before a motorcycle.

Even though I've never driven a motorcycle, I have had the opportunity to be a passenger on one a few times. I have memories of my step-brothers (before they were my step-brothers) taking turns riding a motorcycle up and down the street, and I was clinging for my life to the waist of whoever was driving. I'm not sure who owned the motorcycle, but the test drive starting point was in front of my future step-mother's house, located in a Florida residential neighborhood. All of the houses in that neighborhood reflected the plans of one of three slightly different architectural designs, and the exterior color palette varied in an array of pastel colors, or white. The name of the street where the motorcycle demonstration and rides were occurring was called Hunt Club Drive, and yes, everyone made jokes about the name.

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