Wednesday, November 02, 2005

personal policy addendum

I think I'm going to implement another personal (not to be confused with personnel, because I take it personally) policy. I have, both in the past and currently, met people who seem annoyed that I am generally in a good mood, and smile most of the time. For example, just last week, an acquaintance at work made the comment "What are you so happy about?" with a sneer, pouty down turned at the corners mouth, a snide vocalization dripping with seething disgust. I just sub-consciously smiled and countered "What are you so unhappy about?" and the acquaintance grumbled something to the effect of "You're always smiling. Don't you get sick of smiling?" Well, if I'm really happy or laughing a lot, my face starts to hurt, but I think it's a more than fair trade for the positive emotions I'm feeling.

I'm not always happy, and I am pretty private (at least I try to be but i have a big mouth) when I'm unhappy. I am really bad about taking my own advice, and give out advice like lollipops or dog biscuits at the bank. It takes more energy to be in a crappy state of mind, after a while it seems you have to work at being pissy to maintain that level of pissyness.

After the exchange with the co-worker, I began to think about the last job I had (see the beginning of this blog) and most of the people who I worked with there made the same comments, and did everything in their power to make me feel like I wasn't welcome, I wasn't accepted, I didn't fit in, the clique didn't want anything to do with me. I didn't care, and kept smiling, because if they want to be miserable fucks that fine by me. They even eventually "elminated my position," which is employer speak for we don't like you, and you are employed in an "at will" state. I didn't care, though, I gained sufficient knowledge to move on beyond the scope of those dead-enders, and will be back to make extravagant purchases one day, and I can be the bitchy picky customer telling them to jump and them asking how high.

All in all I don't trust people who seem put off that I'm in a good mood. It is sub-conscious, I'm not walking around thinking "be" I just am happy, happy to be alive, happy to have good things that I like, and know good people and find humor in many situations and have many opportunities to explore. I find what really gets under the skin of these dejected individuals is when you keep smiling. It doesn't bother me, but I think it's weird someone would say something or act like that to someone.

Who are these miserable indivuduals that are so unsatisified in their existance they have to try to bring other people down? I bet they have a shorter life expectancy compared to the average person.

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Anonymous said...

I agree.

Miserable people need to get a life. They are bored with themselves and need to take their Mood & Attitude out on everyone else.