Wednesday, November 16, 2005

theme of the day

Sometimes when I'm at work I notice a reoccuring theme happening throughout the day. Sometimes there is a steady stream of applicants who cry, have low self esteem or are nervous, and get all the way through the interview and break down. This definatley changes the outcome of things; we can't send someone to work who is going to have breakdowns. Somedays everyone scheduled to interview forgets one piece of ID, and proceeds to show me the entire contents of their wallet, as if I would accept a Blockbuster Rental Card, or Prefferrd Shopper Safeway card. Our guidelines are based on a federal form that outlines acceptable forms of ID, and unfortunately it doesn't include COSTCO membership cards.

The other day, the theme of the day was applicants that are missing their middle three fingers, so all they have is an pinky finger, a thumb, and three nubs where the missing digits were supposed to be. It makes shaking hands with someone akward, especially when you don't notice there are missing fingers until after you move in for the shake. Once you start to shake, you can't retract that hand and have to follow through. I don't mind doing that every once in a while, but the other day I saw 5 people with the similar hand-finger thing going on.


Anonymous said...

Did they cut their own fingers off or did they get into a fight?

The crying goes on here all the time.

GrapeNut said...

it's a good thing you realized on the shake as opposed to when you passed them some papers and they dropped it on the floor cause they have no fingers.

by the way, i noticed the same thing about trends in a day or a month....i don't believe in coincidence. it's probably some script that runs over and over again and the matrix.