Tuesday, December 20, 2005

anonymous culprits

A funny thing happened the other night...Ric and I were going somewhere in a vehicle, and upon leaving our apartment I noticed a few kids standing around on the street corners. They seemed to be up to no good, appeared to signaling each other, and it was pretty late. The kids seemed about 13 or 14, and I remembered what I was doing at that age and became concerned. Ric, sharing this concern, agreed that we should drive around the block to see what they were up to. After slowly idling around a 5 square block radius, it was apparent there was a group effort to do something. A few of the kids noticed us watching us from inside the dark car on a dark part of the street and one tried to signal for us to drive by, which I thought was really weird. I became paranoid that these kids were organizing an effort to break in to apartments or vehicles, or steal things off of people's porches, which I have never done. Okay I did it once but I'll elaborate later. Anyway after stalking these kids, they seemed to be nervous and were now briskly walking away from our car, and hiding in the shadows, when it occurred to me they were playing a big game of hide and go seek or something, the kids seemed to be divided into two teams, and all were wearing either a pink or green neon necklace or bracelet. I wonder if these kids thought we were stalking them. I think of all the Amber Alert and childhood abductions you read or hear about in the news, and the people testifying to the near abductions accompanied by a police artist's shadowy sketch rendering of the anonymous culprit. Are we the anonymous culprits? I was just trying to make sure nobody stole anything, espeically something of mine.

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