Tuesday, December 06, 2005

cubicle pirates

Since I’ve been here, there has been a variety of people who left the company. As a result, the person moving on abandons a cubicle usually packed to the brim with however many years of documents, files, notes, office supplies, manuals, three-ring binders filled with documents, files or notes, empty soda cans and mostly used boxes of tissues, unopened mail containing more documents, or supporting documentation, brochures, calendars, phone lists, unwanted photographs of happier times, an array of post-it notes, and wrinkled triplicate invoices, in various stages of filled-out. A common, but unspoken practice occurs, usually a couple days to a week after the previous employee leaves, other employees slowly but surely raid the cubicle in the privacy of early morning, late afternoon, or an opportune time when most of the other office workers’ attention is elsewhere. I, too, am guilty of participating. I view this as an office supply upgrade: When I was the newest employee, I had the bottom of the barrel as far as office supplies went. Over the months, I have exchanged my crappy plastic stapler that didn’t always staple your papers together for a nice and heavy, black solid stapler. I’ve upgraded my scissors, inherited a few really good pens, obtained a new office in-box caddy, secured a staple remover, and a nicer, bigger wastebasket. I don’t feel too bad, even my boss is guilty. He just found the right sized binder-clip in the most recently vacated cubicle. Some may view this practice as looting; I view it as seniority privileges.

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Anonymous said...

The best thing that we found here was a bottle of Jack Daniels.