Tuesday, December 13, 2005

resume tips...

After looking through hundreds of resumes, I’m surprised there aren’t more unemployed people. First of all, it’s a good idea to keep your resume to the point, and not more than one page to look at. When listing skills and abilities, it’s probably not a good idea to list things such as “able to work unsupervised,” I would hope that you could do that without telling me that. If you work in a payday loan place, we don’t consider that working in an “office” and you shouldn’t consider yourself a “teller.” Loan Shark is a probably more applicable title, but customer service will suffice. Don’t write an entire paragraph to depict the several duties you took on at each of your jobs; make it clear and to the point, bullets work well. I hate navigating a paragraph of fluff to figure out you answered calls and did filing. Don’t list education first; put that at the bottom. If you have an objective, make sure that it is in line for what you are applying for. For example, if I’m trying to hire someone to as an Administrative Assistant and your objective says something like “To find a salaried career using my mortgage related and office management skills” I’m probably going to throw your resume out. Similarly, if your objective is something ambiguous, such as “I’m looking for a challenging career in which I can use my skills and life experiences and my employers,” or “Motivated self-starter seeking a professional growth opportunity,” you may be better off not listing one. Anywhere intentional use of lower case letters is spotted will immediately disqualify a resume, as in a first name that looks like "neil young" or when referring to themselves in the first person as "i". Anyone who sends a resume for a position where they are asked to come in and apply in person may not be considered; this isn’t following directions. If you list that you can type, but don’t tell me your typing speed, I’m assuming that it’s not too quick. If you are providing a cover letter, make it short and to the point, not summarizing the torturous resume attached to said narrative.

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