Thursday, December 29, 2005

slice of paradise on a secret pier

Amid the chaos and uncontrollable disorder that ensured during my vacation to visit family in Florida, I discovered and spent some time on a secret pier, near the Safety Harbor Spa. To escape Oldsmar, the town my family lived in, I borrowed a bike and rode over the Oldsmar-Safety Harbor bridge, down Phillippe Parkway, through Phillippe Park, and along bayside shore roads, until I happened upon the non-descript entry way shown below:After passing through the entry way, I navigated through a small palm grove, successfully concealing my future destination. At this point, I was really awed by the variety and color contrasts of the palms--small short squat ones with sage green fronds, the traditional tall palms with deep green fronds, tall bushes bordering this secret hideaway, the soft welcoming grass beckoned my feet out of my sneakers and I felt each cool blade between my toes, and tickling my ankles. A little further the grove opened up to the bay, and networks of several small piers, with narrow walkways and no railings were accessible from inside this magic garden. In the picture below, another pier identical to the one I'm standing on is visible. I thought about taking the lure I photographed, but a higher power in me decided not to, and to just photograph it instead. I think it would be out of place existing anywhere else in space or time. The lure was connected to a network of a few, unused small pipes in the top of the shelter on the pier. Below is a picture of the neighboring pier, and my only companions out there for the day--several quiet waterfowl.
I broght plenty to do with me--I had my camera, a couple of books to read, some pens and a large compositoin book to draw and write, some water, things to keep me occupied or to document inspiration. I didn't bring any phones or other electronic destructive forces. It feels really nice to distance yourself from stressors, even if it is for an afternoon.

A sudden storm started to roll in and form about 3:30, so I high tailed it back home. Suffice to say I got rained--poured on, and as quick as the storm formed it dissipated. By the time I made it back home the weather had turned into a dry overcast. On the day I took these pictures, it was about 70-75 degrees, and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I honestly feel that finding this solace and peace of mind was the highlight of the trip.

I have other pictures of Phillippe Park I'll post in later entries.

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Anonymous said...

The way you describe your afternoon I honestly felt I was there...i love reading your bloggs!