Tuesday, December 20, 2005


We got snow on Sunday afternoon, this picture was taken about 2 PM. It started out as freezing rain, and quickly yeilded to a big flake and frozen rain pellet mixture. It was really windy out, and the bullets of ice were peltling and stinging my tender face. I was having scarf issues and succeeded in getting the inside of my coat and neck all wet. We went for a four block walk to the warm and welcoming bakery, everything's so cheery, bright, orange and warm there.

I've lived in the Northeast for a while, on and off over the years, and feel that they get much more snow and face more weather extremes. I mean, sure there's volcanos, tsunamis and earthquakes here, but tempature and weather wise, it's pretty mild. You can find extremes on the mountains and volcanos, and when you tire of it you drive back to your place in the nearby community. Every time there's some snow or ice, it's breaking news coverage on all stations for hours, and the city has a hard time organizing the de-icing and plowing of the roads, until at least the next day. Hey, I lived in New York for the Nor'easter of January 1996, nothing I've been through beats that. NYC received about 3 feet of snow, the silence outside was eerie.

This is my work parking lot the next day. It warmed up in the morning, and the snow melted to slush. Then the tempature dropped and made the whole thing icy slush. I forgot how pleasant it is to get icy slush inside of my shoe. I've learned something from this recent bout of winter weather--I need to invest in an ice scraper. The kind with the brush on it.

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