Wednesday, December 07, 2005

the thing about bridges…

this bridge could easily be any bridge somewhere in NW or NE America, carrying an interstate (and outer state) mass of vehicles across great bodies of water carved out by nature to keep our communities smaller. This is a pretty cool bridge, it’s very simple in design, but tricky to navigate once you’re on it and trying to reach a specific destination, there are signs strategically placed to give the unsuspecting driver short notice before he is destined for “exit 1A: CAMAS,” which is a lonely eastbound state road that would trap you in a maze in the mountains and gorges of the Cascade range. Luckily, I’ve driven this way many times before, and can judge which lane I need to be in before I get on the bridge. A passenger, or driver in traffic has nice views of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson and the Columbia River while crossing this bridge. Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy today and I didn’t get any good pictures.

These are pictures of the St. Johns Bridge connecting the St. John’s part of North Portland to the scenic Highway 30, which will take you west to the Pacific at Astoria in Oregon. I think this is my favorite bridge, although I have many close seconds. I really don’t know anything about this bridge; I haven’t seen a lot of it until recently. For part of my job I have to go to a place in North Portland and give presentations to a group of people looking for jobs twice a week. Part of the route to the bi-weekly appointment passes some amazing scenery that really takes the load off of my shoulders if I’m stressed, and is nice to look at (at least to me). Because I have been driving this route for about 8 months now, I’ve seen the St. Johns bridge through a variety of seasons and weather conditions.

The St. John’s Bridge is along this route, as well as the views of the Willamette Valley, Portland Metro Area. The arc bridge is the Freemont Bridge, which is a large interstate bridge carrying I-405 over the city from North Portland to the West Side, and onward the interstate subsidiary ribbons across the city and splits; and either merges back into I-5, or onto The Sunset Highway and suburbs west of Portland. Notice the snow on the foothills behind the city. The tallest building I think is 35 floors high, and between where I’m standing taking the picture and the city is an industrial area, which is on the east and west banks of Portland north of the downtown area. The pictures looks washed out but it’s just overcast outside. When we have our next nice day, I’ll have a lot of really nice pictures. It’s also entirely possible to drive to Timberline Lodge on the mountain and be above the cloud line, nothing but peaks poking through a layer of cotton candy clouds as far as the eye can see for 360 degrees.

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