Monday, January 30, 2006

The Bomber Complex and Restoration Project

I was driving back from Oregon City today, along 99-E, and I noticed off to the side of the road was a big dilapidated plane, propped up in the center of a ruddy pot hole filled run down parking lot. Surrounding the plane on the outskirts of the asphalt sea was a drive through shed selling coffee and assorted processed refined sugar pastry treats, "The Bomber" restauraunt, which looked as if it was in it's heydey about 40 years ago, and an empty gift shop, mini-museum and broken down mineature golf course. The gift shop sign on the door read "closed for the season, see you in spring" but judging by the dust on the yellowed postcards it's been quite a few seasons. The restuaurant was open and had quite a few patrons dining there, but it seemed as if they hadn't remodeled since the bomber was brining in the crowds. The sign in their window exclaimed that Friday night was family night.

It seems the plane is a B-17G; I went to the website to see what's going on with the plane restoration and that page is blank. There is, however, a full menu for the restuarant available, as well as catering information. I found an artists rendition of what it looked like when it was a functioning part of commerce--it seems it was a gas station, drive in movie theater and restaurant.

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