Thursday, January 12, 2006

day 25

Today is the 25 day in a row of substansial rain we have received, which is a record approaching number. Some mudslides have claimed homes and portions of roads, and threaten many others due to the damp moist earth moving beneath the supports holding the hillside dwellings in place. It's not all rain, all the time; but at the interludes when it's not raining it is gray. During these moments, you can see the layers of clouds as storms roll in, and briefly break and sneak a patch of blue above during the day, or stars at night.

I was making a joke with someone I met yesterday about building an ark, as we looked out into the parking lot of our work, from the sancity of the dry office. As a lake collected around a drainage grate, it was a small representation of our area's flood warnings and rivers that have risen very high and threaten the businesses and homes and interstate highways that exist close to the swelling banks, the sewer overflow directs raw sewage into a network of pipes under the city that ultimately spits out into the river, poisioning whatever remanants.

The person I made the ark comment to took it very seriously, and begin to elaborate on a version of Noah's Ark that I don't remember hearing. He said while Noah was building the Ark, the townspeople repeatedly vandalized the Ark and assaulted Noah and his family. As punishment, God killed everyone but Noah, by turning his back as the floodwaters rose. The screams of the dying sinners drove Noah mad, and Noah was unable to save anyone because God ordained that Noah was not to take anyone but his family and the animals. I made a joke (that was overlooked) about the unicorn refusing to get on the Ark and that's why we don't have unicorns. The person I was talking to continued, and said that God smote (whatever that means) the people of Noah's town who scorned him.

Nice story, nice God. I guess the moral of the story is believe whatever you want to, provided it helps you get sober.

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