Thursday, January 26, 2006

nw 23rd

Here's some pictures I took early in the morning last Sunday, up on NW 23rd. There's a nice shopping, restaurant and activity district up in the NW, where the line between downtown and NW blurs about NW 21st or so. There's a lot of east side/west side bias in this town, something I don't quite understand because what's a river between sides? I"m an east sider, but I don't mind or hesitate to go to the west side for business or pleasure. I took this picture about 7:30 AM Sunday morning, when the streets are still quiet from the previous evenings debauchery and cavorting. It's nice that time of day, but I actually prefer about 6:30 AM the most. The thing about 6:30, though, I hate getting up and extracting myself from the warm comfort of my blanket cocoon. So there's an eternal struggle going on there. I think it's easier in the warmer months when there's more daylight in general.

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