Monday, January 02, 2006

Oldsmar, sweet Oldsmar

View from the causeway, Oldsmar in the distance.

Tropical birds on people's lawns and hanging out in retention ponds.

Retention ponds are supposed to be pretty, but really are just mosquito breeding grounds, stagnant brackish stinky slop that occasioally attracts crocodiles. Every now and then things will get exciting, and some old lady's lap dog disappears. It's fun to watch the gator snouts chase around ducks in these ponds, they hardly ever get the ducks and it seems like the ducks mess with them.

We used to sing Slayer's South of Heaven and change the lyrics to sing "South of Oldsmar." On an unrelated note, you can sing Metallica's "Battery" to the tune of "Jingle Bells" and that works too.

Bridge in background of picture below is the Safety Harbor-Oldsmar Bridge.

Power plant seen in the distance from the Safety Harbor-Oldsmar bridge.

View while driving into Oldsmar, from the Safety Harbor-Oldsmar Bridge. I don't actually know if that's the official name of the bridge, but it links the two communities across from each other over part of Old Tampa Bay, an inlet off of Tampa Bay. The Ol' Bay Area. I bet there's a ton of cities that refer to themselves as "The Bay Area." This can make things confusing nationally, I suppose, if everyone who thinks of themselves as "The Bay Area" names their news channel nicknames, restauraunts, services, businesses, transportation, and anything else with "The Bay Area" attached in some way. Sometimes a name helps me differeniciate and decide which of the afore mentioned examples to choose.

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