Thursday, January 12, 2006

trying a little harder

I feel people should be nicer to each other. There should be more "Thank You's" and compliments, appreciation and expressions of kindness. Not that we, as humans, aren't a kind and giving people, but we are weird humans, and balance our capacity for niceness with evil, maliciousness or at the very minimum, coldness or disrespect. Incompetent and irresponsibile behaviors are often overlooked, and hard work is seldom rewarded. People only notice when something’s messed up, not when things are done properly and in a timely manner.

I'm pretty burnt out tired today. I had a woman apply earlier for an administrative position, but she was one of these people who look good on paper. Her resume was stellar and she was more then qualified, but when she arrived for her interveiw, she was in jeans, a lint covered pillly sweater, and on her cell phone during most of the application process. While she did some timed computer testing, she went down to our vending machines on a different floor, and bought some chips and a soda, and brought it to her testing computer. She proceeded to eat and lick her fingers alternately between typing. When she finished her tests and we interviewed, I asked her if she could stop eating so I could point out that she didn't meet the minimum requirements of the position. She started to verbally berate me, that our tests aren't right and she knows what she's doing, and she told me that she's probably done more complicated and advanced things then I have at this office, and demaned to know why the other people in and out of the office got a job and she didn't--she really doesn't know if they were hired or not, and I told her that's confidential and she really needed to leave right now. (This is not the way to get a job, by the way). She snatched her application off of the desk and stormed out of the office, offering backtalk commentary the whole way out of the building.

It's times like these I have to employ total self control; I felt the urge to start screaming in her face creep and grow inside of me like a lit fuse.

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Ang and Rob said...

If you want to see ppl being nicer to each other you could try moving to Canada. For example you will bump into someone and they will say sorry! Regarding your applicant: sounds like a welfare candidate trying to meet her quota so she can stay in good standing all the while avoiding getting hired. Oh how the systems of the world get worked over by the lazy sob's.