Sunday, January 29, 2006

views around town

Yesterday, Ric and I went to get something to eat at a diner up in the west hills, and then crossed back over to the east side to attend a Home and Garden show. The show was cheesy, but free, and it was really rainy so it killed a couple of hours. Okay, an hour and 15 minutes. The show was basically a bunch of vendor booths set up in the colliseum where the hockey rink usually is, and it seemed most of the show was geared towards homeowners (which we aren't) who would like to remodel, landscape, stop things from clogging their gutters, or add some cheesy in-home decor. We did help ourselves to all the free samples available, which mostly consisted of these little squeegie cloths that claim to draw spills out of carpets (which we don't have). I was thinking I could use it on glass or something.
Downtown Portland, looking west. I took this picture because there was a huge rainbow in the sky, but it faded fast with the approach of the next storm, and it appears I missed my window of opportunity.

Freemont Bridge, looking east. The highways appear as though the bridge is a knot keeping all the ribbons of interstates I-5 and I-405 in a neat bunch. Picture taken from the west hills.

View of the Broadway Bridge, from the Memorial Colliseum, looking west.

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