Sunday, February 05, 2006

kids' Kung Fu class

I’ve been training to test for my next belt level in Kung Fu class, and part of my testing requirements is to get a pre-determined amount of time teaching others. I can do this by assisting with the beginning adult classes, or the kids’ classes. Yesterday morning, I assisted in the 9 AM kids class. There were a lot of kids there, about 22, and they were between the ages of 5 and 12. We did a lot of different things, and kept the energy high as we switched activities every 5 minutes or so, but part of what made my experience so much fun were the games incorporated into the kids’ lessons. Yesterday, the kids played a game called Crab Soccer, which is basically soccer played from a crab walk position. You are only allowed to use your feet and legs to maneuver and kick the ball. The ball, by the way, was a 25-pound medicine ball, so as an adult, I have to exert effort to move it. I refereed and made sure things moved along, while these little tykes subconsciously driven by a competitive edge, exhausted themselves. Another game we played that I particularly enjoyed was called “Stick With No Conscious.” The basic concept of this game was a group of kids stood around me in a circle, while I wielded a long staff. I spun around at different speeds, causing the kids surrounding me to either jump over the staff, or have to duck under it. If the staff touched one of the kids, they had to do 2 push-ups. I totally, but accidentally nailed one kid in the foot. I started to apologize, but it was lost as he dropped to do his push-ups before the stick with no conscious came back his way. I thought working with kids was going to be a challenge, I envisioned them not following my directions and taking advantage of me, but I did my best to have a large presence and clear, loud voice. Some of those kids were such little guys, but you can see the potential, if they stick with it they could go into their adult life with a strong confidence and a little better understanding of how things work. They can develop an understanding of the expectation of quality; in everything they do and apply it to all areas in their life.

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