Saturday, February 25, 2006

a ship is safe in the harbor

After my morning classes, I headed to Grand Central bakery for a late leisurly breakfast. I sat at a window and enjoyed the simplistic satisfaction of an egg, toast and coffee while writing in my journal. Sorry, no bacon today. While I was eating and reflecting, I started thinking of a coffee shop called Ruby's, that I used to frequent 5 years ago. There was a guy who worked there sometimes, named Ryan, who was also well versed in the art of Reiki and, in addition to making awesome Soy Mochas, would generally impart some wisdom in the 15 minutes I spent there on my work break. One afternoon I was telling Ryan about an awesome hand made ceramic coffee cup I got from the Oregon Country Fair, in exchange for helping one of the vendors throughout the weekend. Ryan asked me where it is, and I explained that I didn't want to use it because it was so nice, I was afraid I would break it and kept it at home. Ryan replied "A ship is safe in the harbor, but that isn't its intent" and I got the jist of what he was trying to express, not to be afraid to use or do something because of pre-conceived notions of klutziness or lack of confidence. As a result, from that day forward I brought the mug to work and used it, so much that the inside is stained from coffee. It has a really neat design (pictured to the right), it keeps your coffee or other hot beverage piping hot, while allowing the top portion of the beverage to cool down a bit and actually be drinkable. It came with a cork top, but I lost it long ago (didn't really use it anyway). It's pretty stable, I can bring it in the car and rest it on the floor of the passenger side, and unless I'm driving like a NASCAR wanna-be, it won't tip over.

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