Friday, March 17, 2006

happy st. patrick's day!

I was in line at Grand Central Bakery, waiting to get my Irish Soda Bread, as usual, and a guy in front of me on line turned and exclaimed "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" I returned the sentiment, and mentioned, ah well, I forgot to wear my green. I was actually wearing black, white and blue. I don't think I own any green clothing anymore, although there was a time in my life when my wardrobe consisted of mostly green. Anyway, the guy I was talking to touched my black jacket, and said with all seriousness, "well, this is green." I corrected him, and said, no, actually, it's black. "Ah." he acknowledged. "I'm color blind, so it all looks different."


When it was the guy's turn in line, he remarked to the server at the counter, "Happy St. Patrick's day! I see you're wearing green!" Now, the counter guy was wearing a brown shirt, and looked momentarily confused. He bypassed his color/holiday declaration with "What can I get you, sir?"

I don't think they heard our earlier conversation about his colorblindness.

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