Sunday, March 05, 2006

just not into it.

I'm sorry in advance, to all of you who really enjoy the grateful dead. I've tried, I'm sorry, I just can't get into them. Why does it seem like they have a total of 14 songs, but 57 albums? And it seems to me at some point while they are playing live, they loop into songs played previously in the set list, or maybe the set list is just one continous song? In any case, it helps if you've smoked a ton of weed, that way they don't seem so...monotonous. Or at least you have an excuse, and you can rationalize-- "It seemed like that song was playing for 40 minutes, but I was pretty wasted so maybe my perception was off."

I've never owned any greatful dead music, but have known and lived with people who were way into them. I can't name any songs, or any band members other then Jerry Garcia, and even though he died a while ago I know people still go to concerts (??) I can't even imagine what multi-million dollar merchandising franchise surrounds this enigma of a band.

I must be getting old. Tye-dye hurts my eyes, patchouli gives me a headache, long gituar solos make me impatient and anxious. I think maybe I'm just a rock-n-roller at heart, I need some kind of angst, rage and crunch to feel some degree of statisfaction.

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