Thursday, March 16, 2006


I sit amid stacks of hundreds of resumes from people who need jobs, and there are so many different elements that contribute to why someone isn’t selected for an interview. I’m sure part of the problem are other household members who are taking poor, if any, messages for the unavailable job seeker. The other large classification of non-selection seems to be from damning resumes and narratives the job seekers submit, in hopes of being considered for open positions. What they don't realize is that usually these are red flags, and thus, passed over.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have carefully selected the objectives and other key parts of resumes that I found...entertaining.

No kidding, here are some actual examples of what people list as attributes an employer would look for:

* I’m a people person and really enjoy socializing and helping others.
* Into fashion, I excel at deciding what is in style.
* I’m very good with animals and with children.
* I’m very independent and am never satisfied until I get a job done.
* I’m creative and am into many different arts.
* I am seen as a friendly and kind person.

…and for your viewing pleasure, I left all spelling and grammar errors in tact.

To find a challenging and fulfilling position where I can best utilize my experience as well as increase my knowledge and build new skills. I am seeking a position where there exists and opportunity fir advancement.

Seeking an interesting position with a growing company that I can utilize my superior customer service skills.

To become a long term member of your company to work hard and have good relationship wth co-wokers and management.

i think that this job sounds like somthing i can do and i need a first job to get going in my life

At the time being my career objective is to achieve a better grasp on the professional business field to help me in my strive for a bachelors degree in accounting and/or business management. Having worked in professional office settings since June 2003 my progression in the field has been rapid; as well as, participating in business oriented classes such as accounting, human resources, supervisory and management, creative thinking, and investments, I feel that I am able to tackle any job set forth and that I can complete it to the highest standards and expectations. I love a challenge.

(the previous one is a bit long and hard on the eyes)

To become a vital contributor to the success and productivitiy of the company

Looking to find a job where I can apply my skills in a positive environment with areas for growth within the company.

To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my education and work experience will have valuable application.

To find a job that excites and intrigues me.

To grow with a company and eventually be in management.

obtain a good job and work as hard as possible. work with the company as long as possible. develop new skills i havent learned before.

I want to beable to be a helping hand to those around me and help in sticky situations where others have not been able to handle the situations.

To obtaina challenging position within your organization that will allow me to utilize my talents.

Looking to gain a long term position throughout my studies that will allow me to let my creative juices flow.

To establish employment with your company, to grow with the opportunities your company can provide

Always to be the best at what ever I do . To give a 110% all the time . I want to find my self in a leadership or manager spot at some point . To learn what im doing as fast as I can , so I may be a strong team player . With all that said . At this time im realy looking for a swing shift spot . But willing to take what ever shift is open .

To learn as much as possible and to experience joy in my work, to feel the wheels of progress turn under my feet towards a future that will sustain me and all beings in peace, freedom and light.

About me:
I am the greatest dishwasher. I would be a great add on for the team. Use to a fast paced enviorment.I am a fast worker and my communication skill is at a peak. I have a great ground as far as computers go, and I have a firm stand that a smile will allways be positive.I think I would be a great add for the company because I aggressively try and reach my goal, which is to be time handling, to lead myself for future work.Physically fit and very professional.Would love to here from you!

Suggestion: don’t list an objective, unless it exactly mirrors the position. And make sure if you are applying for "customer service" your resume doesn't say "food service/hospitality" and other similar mis-matched career goals. It just confuses me, espeically when I've looked at 200 resumes and I'm tired.

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