Friday, March 24, 2006

toilet seat protectors

I went to use the restroom at work, and out of habit grabbed the tissue paper toilet seat protector paper to sheild my bare buttocks from the community plastic seat. Usually I hover, and the tissue paper serves more as an accidental buffer, in the event I lose my balance I DON'T want to touch the handrails, because you never know under what circumstances they were touched or cleaned last. So I was looking at the tissue protector dispenser box, and wondering about the mostly (and probably only) psychological protection they offer. It's a tangible barrier between your hindquarters and the unknown. I'm guilty; I always grab one and ritualistically place it on the seat. There is no anti-bacterial guarantee of seperation, and germs and the like can readily permiate through the crinkily tissue. Who knows if the production workers assembling and packing the tisuse seat protectors were even wearing gloves, or have recently washed their hands.

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