Monday, March 06, 2006

Wakeena Falls and Angel's Rest

Wakeena Falls, at the start of the trail.

The falls, further up

A higher view...


In the lush and damp Oregon enviroment, everything is covered in an airborne moss. It's kind of beautiful, actually, perpetually green sheathing most of the forest.

An overturned tree, exposed moss covered roots that looked really intersting.

On a high plateau in the gorge, a serene pool probably feeding into the falls.

Continuing upward, towards Angel's rest. A break and a nice view of the Columbia River.

Across the river, Washington State. After a couple of hours climbing, finally near the top!

View of Columbia River, looking West from Angel's Rest.

...Columbia River, looking east...

It was unbelievably windy at the top.

My hair was whipping up a fury, and threatening to strangle me at times.

(note the Metallica reference)

Some views from behind me on Angel's Rest.

The rocks were really cool out here, they looked as if they were stacks of coins.

Total distance hiked: 6.6. miles (not couting the walk back to the car, parked at Wakeena Falls).

Total elevation gained: 1500 feet

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