Friday, April 21, 2006

a duran duran update

Here's a picutre of Nick Rhodes and John Taylor of Duran Duran with some producer guy named Mike. If you visit their myspace profile, there's more pictures of the band, and damn I just can't believe how good Simon Le Bon looks after all these years. Nick doesn't look so bad,and either does John but John's eyes seem kind of squinty, don't you think? The producer guy looks like he could be an murderer, like he's holding a knife but the picture was cropped so now we have no idea what he's holding.

Anyway thinking about myspace in general, it's kind of like a pandora's box, I didn't want to really get involved, it seemed like so much work customizing my profile, putting bits of code in the "About me" section and it magically transmits a color coordinated format. I ended up creating a profile anyway, and my brother and a few of my step brothers were on, so I thought it'd be fun to keep in touch. Then I met a couple of slackers at work who were on myspace all the time, and it becaume extra funny because we would all sit mere feet from each other and comment to each other. So through this process a growing number of people I went to high school with are finding my blog, through a friend of a friend, and now I have like 26 or something friends.

A slightly different and really neat feature of myspace is the ability to find band official sites, and make them your friends, and you can bump them up to the number 1 spot on the top 8 friend blurb that previews your entire collection of friends. So number 1 friend spot on myspace is Duan Duran, and you should definately visit their sight. You can look at pictures and read their blog, and they don't seem like trainwrecks like other bands that have come back.

Here's a link to visit Duran Duran's myspace ssite.

The Queens of the Stonage and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's have my number 2 and number 3 spots, repectively.

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