Thursday, May 04, 2006

last week I drove east on 84

for most of the day while I was working. I occasionally spend time out of the office for meetings, meeting with people, etc. and our company does business all over Oregon and Washington. Last week, I headed out to Hood River, which is eastern Oregon. I-84 is a nice ride becuase it goes through national forest area, and follows the Columbia river as the landscape gradually changes, moving from dense forest, valleys, canyons and mountains, to large rolling hills, to high desert. I didn't travel to the high desert, but Hood River is in the rolling hills area.

Bonneville Dam, on the Columbia River. Such a strange large man made thing, it seems to sacrifice natural balance for convenience electricity. I recently saw a movie at the Clinton Street Theater, called Source to Sea: The Columbia River Swim, which chronicles the experiences of a guy swimming the River from it's icy origin in British Columbia, and ends in Oregon at the Pacific Ocean.

A picture taken from Cascade Locks, OR, looking across the Columbia River onto Stevenson, WA.

Bridge of the Gods, a rickety toll bridge costing one dollar (both ways) connecting Cascade Locks to Stevenson.

Picture taken from Hood River, OR, looking across the Columbia River at White Salmon, WA.

From the Riverbank, looking south at the City of Hood River.

Somewhere near the center of town, looking west...

...looking east.

Oregon's a pretty big state. You can fit almost 13 New Jerseys in the State of Oregon.

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