Friday, June 09, 2006

NBA Playoffs, Game 1: Miami Heat v. Dallas Mavericks

Last night I was watching game 1 of the NBA playoffs, and besides noticing the refs weren't calling many of the blatant fouls Shaquille O'Neal was committing, I noticed that Shaq bore a striking resmbelance to Chewbacca. Now that I'm looking at their pictures, I think Shaq looks like a shaved down Chewbacca.

I don't watch a lot of basketball, or any other sport too much during the season. I just don't really have the time. I don't mind watching playoff games, as long as it's interesting and not a boring slaughter. Sometimes during the season I'll watch a game if I'm in a sports bar, or if I happen to be channel surfing and a team I like is playing. I DEFINATLEY do not like the Blazers, I've tried to like them, I've been to games and the magic just isn't there for me. But I do like the Dallas Mavericks, and I do like the Miami Heat, and they are both good teams and fun to watch.

I've only been into sports for the past 6 years or so. I used to work with a guy with autism, named Robert, who was really into sports, and taught me everything from how the game is played, to players and their resumes, and in some cases, their personal history. Robert would scan the newspaper daily, before he even took off his coat or gloves in the winter, and look for information about the preivous evenings games, pictures of players, stats if it was nearing play off or conference final time, and read every article, meticulously scanning every group of letters for a recognizable pattern that formed the names of the players he was into, like Kurt Warner when he was on the St. Louis Rams, and Scottie Pippen when he was on the Blazers, and Donovan McNabb of the Phildelphia Eagles. Robert would spend half of his day, every day in the art room, creating collages from pictures of his favorite basketball and football players, and pictures he drew, along with lettering depicting movies, sports teams, and people.

Every day Robert would give me a subnopsis of the previous evening's games, and after a while he started to make bets with me, and wager a quarter, can of soda, or snack from the vending machine. After a while his persistance to collect from the many bets I lost prompted me to suggest we just bet for a handshake. So if he won, I'd initiate the handshake. If I won, he'd inititate the handshake. This worked for a little while, but he ultimtely didn't buy it and insisted we make our bets a quarter.

Robert also really likes anything military and police: pictures, people, clothing, gear, toys, and movies. He has an impressive collection of action figures and matchbox cars. We would go for walks around town, and he would bring a small car and drive it on every surface. Robert would crouch down to follow retention walls, drive over r
ailings, around stepping stones, and up and down stairs. Robert had great taste in music, and was always listening to Neil Young, America, Nirvana, The Beatles, Wings, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, and The Doors.

Here's Robert at the annual agency picnic in 2003.

Go Mavs!

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