Saturday, July 22, 2006

I was in Seattle yesterday

and realized when I was smack in middle of downtown during rush hour that I had never driven through the middle of downtown during rush hour, without a map, just winging it. There were obnoxious pedestrians and devil-may-care cellphone users lunging out in front of traffic, buses, delivery trucks and SUV's dwarfed my small and reliable Subaru. Additionally, I drive manual transmission and the hills in Seattle are steep and scary. I always forget how steep and scary until I'm at a red light on a very high incline. My hands usually start to sweat as I grip the steering wheel and jack the clutch down when the light turns green. After a really hot afternoon, my road rage meter was about to hit max. In desperation, my goal changed to getting out of the city, when I saw these two signs. They cracked me the hell up.

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