Monday, July 17, 2006

stream of consciousness...

Well, my computer at home isn't quite working out at the moment, and since I'm between situations I figured I'd come down to my local coffee house and catch up on all things internet. There's music tonight, a three-piece band, bass, guitar and banjo, and they're banging out some nice music. I had a jasmine tea and the sun has just set, it's cool but not cold this evening, which is a releif after the weekend of warm tempatures.

I always think of interesting topics I want to write about when I'm not near something to write with, so I've taken to carrying a notebook and writing instruments around with me. Of course, inspiration will strike at other inopportune times, like when I'm driving in traffic or saluting out onto the floor of my martial arts class.
The martial arts class is an instance I can't help; there's pretty much nothing I can do because I'm supposed to be clearing my mind anyway. However when I'm driving, I've taken to putting a small notebook onto my visor, and making sure there's plenty of pens around to jot down an interesting blurb, such as "I hate traffic" or "this pen smells like hot dogs."

Acutally there's alot of significant things I jotted down, but now that I'm here, I'm without my notebook and drawing blanks (not literally) about future blog topics and other written points.

Anyway, next time I'll remember my notebook.

I'm sure as soon as I unlock my bike I'll remember something.

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