Saturday, July 22, 2006


This past summer was the first time I've ever heard of Tayberries. I swear prior to this summer I have never heard an utterance of their existance. Sure, I've heard of Huckleberries, and Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, even Salmonberries, but I personally think Tayberries are some kind of made up bullshit. Sure, when I first moved here, Marionberries were new to me. I chalked it off as a regional difference; there was so much everywhere you looked--Marionberry scones, Marionberry pies, Marionberry Jam, it was almost a regional given.

(I later found out that a Marionberry is a cross between a Blackberry and Raspberry).

The other day, I accidentially bought some Tayberries, thinking they were Raspberries. For the most part, they look like Raspberries, but a little bigger, beefier, and the flavor isn't as good. I think I ended up throwing the pint out after I'd had a handful.

I would have to say that Raspberries are my favorite. The flavor is out of sight, but I think my favorite part is the texture of the berry on my tounge and the roof of my mouth.

(So this picutre is completey unrelated to the passage above. I found myself sitting in interstate off-ramp traffic, and immortalized an often overlooked interesting but sublte visual situation).

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