Monday, August 14, 2006

Cat Cloning???

Holy mackeral, I had to blog about this:

I was reading my gmail, which goes through the trouble of scanning my mail for subjects and then providing related links to services or products I might find useful. One of the things that came up while reading correspondence with a friend was a weblink to a Cat Cloning site. I'm not sure how they extracted that from the text of my email, I'm sure I mention a whole lot of unrelated and silly things in my letters, but that was one ad I haven't seen yet. And I had to post it so all of you can reproduce your deceased feline loved one.

I wonder if you can clone your deceased pet but remove all those unwanted behaviors, such as clawing the furniture, hairballs that are stragetically whorfed up onto the rug and not the tile or lineolium floors, bullying tendancies (sorry, Marcus!), or pooping in plants when they're discontent. I'd ask those important questions before cloning my cat. Can you clone a live animal? Wouldn't that be funny if you have like 10 Marcus's sitting around, cleaning themselves, stalking and bullying each other? The amount of food they'd go through would be crazy.

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GrapeNut said...

dude, if i won lotto i would totally clone slappy. this time i'd train him to use a toilet.