Friday, August 04, 2006

County Fair a.k.a. ignoramus festival

If people like you are there, I hope not.

My company had a booth at one of the nearby county fairs, and as a result I had to basically work last Thursday through Sunday, manning the booth and distributing information to anyone that needed it. This fair wasn't the most appropriate venue for what our company does, and as a result I became increasingly cynical as my time at the booth progressed, my little window to the redneck world revealed a whole side to humanity I've successfully avoided.

Don't get me wrong; I can really enjoy country fairs, in fact, the country fair in Bethlehem, CT, is probably one of the most fun I went to. There were several booths with honest-to-goodness handmade crafts, locally made sweets, confections, and farm raised meats-on-a-stick, even an ox pull! The fair I was at wasn't a country fair, but a county fair, and did nothing to represent the county besides showcasing a variety of tortured animals in too-small cages. Most of the fair consisted of gang fights, weird macho cowboys, monster truck pulls, NASCAR memoribelia, there was the Avon tent for the ladies (I really regret not getting a picture of that), plenty of those "as seen of TV" products, and lots of republicans.

Needless to say I've taken a ton of pictures to document a part of the decline of western civilization.

The whole thing with the fair isn't my fault; I would never see this as a venue to produce viable results. My predecessor, in all of his/her infinite wisdom, really enjoyed fair atmospheres, and signed up for every county and state fair in the Pacific Northwest. When I came on board at this company, my first order of business was to cancel every fair we were signed up for. I was successful in every cancellation except this one (and I called as early as March to cancel). The people coordinating this fair were far from customer-servicey; they refused to refund our $500 booth fee which didn't include chairs and a table. I had to lug those down myself, and of course I brought the heaviest table in the warehouse. Additionally, the asshole coordinators of the fair were adamant that I show up for the entire show or not at all, they stated there was no flexibility in leaving early (who the hell is looking for a job at 11 PM at night??)

Luckily I brought a laptop, my camera, and the enthusiasm to document my observations over the next 4 days. I wrote so much and took so many pictures I think I have to break it up over a few blog entries. So consider this part one of many.

Here's several pictures of tortured caged animals--I didn't realize how many pictures I took until I sat down in front of the computer and started looking at them. Bacon!

It was great, they were letting kids pet their food.
I bet there was alot of explaining going on during the night of the steak fry.

Not Johnny Depp (although it isn't too far a stretch)

There were more food vendors there then anything else (even farm animals)
I had a lot of respect for the fried bread booth--they didn't try to hide their product in a healthy disguise, they blatantly tell you what to expect.

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