Sunday, August 13, 2006

the day after the end of the fair

I'm glad the fair is over. We went back Monday morning about 8:30 and loaded up our stuff and brought it back. At this point, the fairgrounds had transformed into a desolate and littered wasteland; the skeletal remains of a once lively entity.

The amount of waste an event like this generates is phenomenal. I feel like most of the things sold at the fair are garbage anyway, or have wrappings or paper plates that accompany the items purchased that are just thrown away. Most people just throw stuff away and don't actually think about the big picture or long term effects. It's weird and sad, but there's not a whole lot that can change the course of action things are already headed on. I mean, we can all do our small parts but the damage has essentially been done.

Not to be a downer or anything. I wasn't thinking about waste when I was photographing the rides and stuff, only after the fact, now that I had a chance to be at the fair after it was over.

I have seen documentaries of Woodstock, and they show pictures of the field after Woodstock was over. At that point, most everyone had left, and the immense amount of trash that had been left behind was unbelievable. It looked like a garbage dump; it was amazing that these people who came together to join and celebrate music, and individualtiy, and peace and love would aid to the destruction of the environment.

I think about this stuff sometimes when I'm out walking around, you can't walk very far without seeing some weird garbage on the side of the road--broken tail light remanents, empty plastic soda bottles, bottle caps, cigarette butts, fast-food wrappers, dented and leaking AA batteries--all sorts of discarded items just haphazardly and randomly laying around.

It's so out of hand.

Well, on the lighter side, Monday morning the republican party's booth was still intact, so I took a picture of myself in front of it. This significantly lifted my spirits. Vendors had all day Monday to break their booths down and clean up; most vendors did it Sunday night after the booth closed. I was pretty tired Sunday night so I thought it would be easier to come back Monday morning. I guess the Republicans weren't in a rush to disassemble their messaging because nobody came the entire time we were there cleaning things up.

It felt good to close the trunk and leave, after 4 long and tiring days. I'm glad the fair is over.

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GrapeNut said...

dude - that's so funny. i just noticed the double bird.