Monday, September 04, 2006

all hail free wi-fi

Well, the good news is that I can pick up on free wi-fi from inside my apartment. Prior to this moment in time, I had to glom off of free wi-fi picked up from inside my art studio, or from work, or from one of the nearby coffee shops (believe me, no shortage of coffee shops in Portland).

The not-so-good news is that out of every possible place inside my small 1-bedroom apartment I could pick up wi-fi, it seems to work the best from my bathroom. Juxtaposed between the sink and tub, cat box and toilet, I can freely surf the internet and update my blog. I could be 10 feet to my right and in my kitchen, even on the small square patio-ette area outside of my side door and not pick up any wireless networks. But the magic spot happens to be right here, in the bathroom.

Which is good, I guess, that I can at least get wireless and have all the comforts of home close by; my studio is a good place to use the interent, but the signal is intermittent, and lately more often then not I have been in the middle of working on something unsaved when I lose the connection. It makes downloading music a real pain in the ass. There's so much that's happened that I have to update and post pictures of: the neighborhood BBQ, a lot of glass being produced, martial arts fun, marcus updates, and other disconnected and random thoughts and opinions on things.

I feel back on track now that the season change is nearing. I've been really feeling the increased speed of the earth's seems just yesterday it was 1999. I can't believe 2006 is more then half way over. It's been a fun and jam packed summer, and I'm eeking a few more things in before the rain returns.

I've missed the rain. It seems a good portion of the state has been on fire lately. The air quality has been very poor, almost Los Angeles like in haze. The almost-full moon seems like a large orange orb, a displaced sun hanging in the navy-black sky.

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