Saturday, September 16, 2006

Belmont Street Fair

Last Saturday I participated in the Belmont Street Fair as a vendor. The fair was all up and down SE Belmont Street, but the craft fair was on the corner of SE 34th and Belmont. It was open from 10 AM to 5 PM, and it was a beautiful day. Ric helped me set up, scouted out the competition, and watched the booth while I ran and peed about 6 times (in a bathroom, or course, I would rather hold it then use a port-o-pottie). Many friends of mine attended the fair, and dropped by my booth. Some of the guys I worked with at the sheltered workshop showed up, and my booth became a central meeting hub for many charachters.

mmm...fair food

Some of my artwork, set up in my booth...

View from behind my booth...

The trolley that would deposit a bunch of people at my booth every 1/2 hour

This dog was pretty cute, I think the perfect friend for Marcus...

our friend Greg

Ric and Larry

Another Larry

It was a great day! I hope to participate again next year. I live in the neatest neighborhood.

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GrapeNut said...

the sky's a perfect shade of blue in the northwest. great pics! cool neighborhood. a far cry from vietnam bob's. wish i could've been there. yeah! about the fair food. sketchy!