Thursday, September 28, 2006

close quartered job fair notes

I'm not hungry, but not in a position to eat so I'll eat a handful of altoids. I used to be funny about altoids, you know, because of the whole gelatin thing. Gelatin still skeeves me out, don't get me wrong, but there comes a point when you are just plain hungry.

I'm at this job fair where it's the closest-quartered fair I've even been too. No room to stand, no room to bring my big fortress display. Just my cups and flyers.

The elevator in this building is so slow, I swear there was guy with a hand crank somewhere responsible for transporting people throughout the different levels of the building. And once inside the elevator, I felt like a stranger in a strange land, the buttons in the elevator were labeled "M" and "L" and "U." There wasn't any "1" "2" or "3", or anything else that made sense and helped me completely feel comfortable about my selection.

All of the vendors here, as usual, have a bunch of shit they've brought to give away. We are all contributing to this landfill earth. At least this job fair is only three hours long, and 1 of which has just passed. I brought coffee mugs, so at least my contribution to the decline of the planet will be a slow drawn out death, unlike the swift demise of the stress squeezy toys, fuzzy highlighters, magnets that don't really stick, and tons of glassy marketing material that can only hope to be glanced at after someone has picked it up.

A lunch is provided for vendors, and I hope it's good. The altoids I have been eating aren't cutting it. I brought a case of cups, and I want to get rid of them so I don't have to carry it back to the car, but many people are apprehensive about taking one. I don't know why; at the other job fairs the slobs walk away with two and three.

My pen is running out of ink. That sucks because it was such a good pen, good writing quality and comfortable feel. Goodbye faithful pen, enjoy the landfill!

So I traded the fed-ex lady next to me a cup for 2 pens and a squeezy stress airplane. I'm sure I'll be using that soon. She joked and said that you could hold 2 squeezy airplanes and squeeze them while you were in traffic.

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GrapeNut said...

i've done the altoids thing when i was starving too. problem is at some point you're stomach starts to feel weird. minty...

i want a stress plane. who fucking came up with that? they should sell them here in nyc.