Monday, September 04, 2006


I'm a big Days Of Our Lives fan. I admit it, and encourage all other DOOL fans to untie!

Of course, unlike most that watch soap operas, i work during the day, every week day and miss watching DOOL, which comes on channel 8 out here, at 3 PM PST. To keep up with what's been going on, I read a well put together and informative blog , The Early Edition.

This is a great blog because not only does it cover the basics of plot development, but the synopsis writers make comedic light of some of the very unrealistic elements going on. Some examples of these are the fact that nobody in the fictious town "Salem" really works, there's one doctor who can cure everything and do everything, everyone's related in some way and eventually sleeping with each other, at least once a year someone is murdered but comes back from the dead, or is buried alive in a coffin for weeks, is possessed by the devil, and whatever evil force is active at any particular time employs the latest in high-tech technology. As of today, there is an embryo-switcing plot with surrogate mothers, a long lost dead husband has appeared, but brainwashed and has no recollection of his former wife or life (wishful thinking on the writer's part?) and a mysterious gloved person has been delivering blackmail notes to many different people in town.

Since today is Labor Day, I had off from work and took a break from my personal pursuits to watch the soap play out. I came to the conclusion that there is probably only 15 minutes of actual plot material happening through the hour the soap is on; the rest of the time is commercials or re-caps, to probably benefit people who have been under a rock for a while and are just tuning in at that moment in time.

I really enjoy DOOL, and despite (in spite of) all my goofing, I would love to meet some of the cast memebers, or watch a taping. I have been a fan since I was 11, only because my friend's mother was a fan, and while we were on summer vacation my friend was instructed to tape the soap while her mother was at work. The VCR's back then didn't have programmable recording, so we would turn it on promptly at 1 PM (when it came on in Florida, way back in 1984), and after taping a few episodes we became familiar with the charachters and plots, and the rest is history.

Currently my step mother is a big fan, and really partial to the "John Black" charachter, who was formerly brainwashed into thinking he was the "Roman Brady" charachter. Whenever I see her we end up bullshitting about the latest developements, our theories behind the mystery in the plots, and the hiring and firings of the actors.

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