Saturday, September 16, 2006

life changing incidents happen in quick moment

I particpated in the Belmont Street Fair last week as a vendor, selling fused glass art. It was alot of fun, I was in a great spot, and I made back my booth cost + about $107 extra so it was a great day. My goal was just to make the booth cost back, and I always hope for a little extra to get something to eat. Anyway, I plan to blog more about the Belmont Street Fair in a different entry, but that evening, as we were walking around town, we walked past the same intersection where my booth was, and moments before we got there, a car had hit a cyclist, knocked her off her bike and she cracked her head on the asphalt. She wasn't wearing a helmet. From what the other onlookers said, she was alright but just bleeding alot, which is always better then the worst. Of couse nobodies talking about brain injury at this point; it's probably just a releif that she's breathing and ambulatory. Below are pictures I took with my camera-phone of the rescue personnel at work:

approcaching the scene...

The policeman in the center of the picture is standing by the mangeled bike; the woman who had been hit had been taken away by the ambulence at this point.

I hope she's okay. The driver didn't leave the scene, which is always good. I'm not sure who's a fault; it could have been nobody's fault. You never know when your number is called by the great deli counter serviced by a higher power.

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GrapeNut said...

the great deli service in the sky? that's aweful about the woman on the bike. head injuries tend to be rather bloody. the head is a vascular place. people need to where bike helmuts.