Tuesday, October 10, 2006

core da leen

I forgot that I had to walk out to the plane to board it. I was pretty excited about that, but after taking a picture I became paranoid that National Security was going to come down on me for being a tourist. Luckily I boarded the plane without incident.

Well, after airline delays and transportation delays, I ended up taking a cab for the 35 mile trip east from Spokane to Couer D'Alene, and finally about 9 PM I walked into my hotel room, which is larger then my 1 bedroom apartment. There's a fireplace in here, but it's not the kind where you have to put wood on it, it's one of those natural gas fireplaces where you just flip a switch and it turns on. I have a balcony view of Lake Couer D'Alene, curtains that have a remote control that electonically opens them, a HUGE bed with tons of pillows, big screen flat panel TV, I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I am thoroughly impressed. Seeing my room removed all traces of frustration related flight delays, poorly coordinated follow up transportation and being ravenously hungry.

A shot of my incredibly large room. Note the room service food on the table.

Close-up of dinner--chicken sandwich and (very salty) fries. The red stuff is ketchup, and it was barely enough.

It's pretty cool out, I'm not sure what the temperature is; it seems there's a daily range of a low of 30 to high of 65. I was worried that I overpacked, and now that I'm here I'm worried that I underpacked.

Sunrise over Lake Coeur D'Alene

My personal patio, overlooking Lake Coeur D'Alene

There's an interesting mix of people here...a lot of golfers and their wives. There's supposedly great golfing here (husbands) and a huge spa (their wives). I haven't signed up or plan to use the spa services, but it's such a huge strange wing of the hotel I want to get pictures of it.

My bathroom, which I suspect is also bigger then my apartment...or at least my bedroom.

Nothing is grosser then a phone in the bathroom next to the toilet. I'd like to get "Dateline NBC" in here to do a germ analysis on it.

This is the basket of stuff that is extremely overpriced that they put in your hotel room. If any of the stuff is missing, they bill your hotel room for it. Some examples of the price gouging include $4.50 for a bottle of Evian, $3.00 for M&M's or a Kit Kat (and they're a little larger then normal, but not $3.00 larger), $75.00 if you take the bathrobe, $3.50 for a tube of chapstick...the list goes on. Buried in the basket of goodies is the "Intimacy Kit," which is basically 2 condoms and a squeezy packet of lube, oh and two moist towelettes. How intimate! All that for only $5.00, of course condoms should be free, but that's just my opinion. The Dentyne Ice is $2.00, and the pringles are $4.50.

You know, Evian spelled backwards is "Naive."

Tonight we go on a dinner cruise on the lake. We were told to wear something casual. The only things causal I brought were sweatpants and a "Pacific Star" neon pink and black T-shirt. Tomorrow morning's my big presentation, so I'll probably have sweaty palms until then...

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