Thursday, October 12, 2006

farewell, core da leen and spoke-can

I'm in Spokane right now, waiting for my flight to board back to Portland. I had a great time, and have a lot more pictures I have to format and upload. I took so many pictures I wore out new batteries! I was volunteered by my table today to speak to the group again about breakout session data complied regarding our state senators and representatives, which was completely winging it because I'm embarassed to say I don't really know too much about our senators and representatives. It was a crash course in winging it, and the feedback I received was "you did GREAT!"

Spokane is a smaller, spread out, mostly industrial poorer town in high desert country. A lot of browns, yellows, rolling hills of dried grasses...nowhere I'd like to live. The airport is so small and rinky dink it's amazing. It's like a micro-airport. My propeller plane just arrived, and after they offload the people arriving from Portland, I'll be able to board. Another annoying aspect to the Spokane airport is the fact that half of it is under construction, and there are guys sawing pipes and spackling walls here. Oh well. They can only be improving it.

Well I have to go and board my plane now. If I can't upload pictures later, I'll definately be able to do it tomorrow.

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