Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's halloween again, and I'm dressed up as a corporate assailant again. I tried to get a pumpkin Sunday night, and went to a couple of different places, but everywhere was all sold out. This isn't a picutre of my pumpkin; I got the picture from an e-vite for a party that I completely forgot to go to. I've been so busy, I've been slacking on my socializaiton. At least it's getting better with each passing moment. Maybe tonight we'll scare some kids in the neighborhood, but we're not going to scare them too much, given how things go these days.

When I was a kid, we ran home from school, changed into our costumes, and spent the next several hours trick-or-treating. We usually had pillowcases with us, because they hold more candy and are more durable then any other crappy candy bag. I really think we trick-or-treated for at least 5 hours, and didn't have our parents check the candy before we ate it. We didn't eat any apples given to us, not because of the razor blade scare, but just because apples suck compated to a bounty of resses peanut butter cups, M & M's, snickers, hershey kisses, sprees, sweet tarts, marshmallow things, and all sort of other candy. Some past costumes I have worn were wonder woman, a nun, various demons, a witch, an orphan--that costume was just dressing up in regular clothes and when someone asked what I was, I would tell them I was an orphan. In my late teens and 20's I wore a lot of retro 70's clothing, and would just wear an extreme amount on halloween.

One of my most fun memories of Halloween was the time when I was living in NY with my cousins, and we went to Manhattan to see the parade in the village. My cousin and I trick-or-treated the whole way down to the Annadale train station; here we were, two twenty-something adults knocking on stranger's doors asking for candy. Kind of fun and funny, and gave us something to eat on the ferry.

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GrapeNut said...

dude, remember that day. i was al jolson and suddenly became beetle juice when those kids chased us into a cab. we went to ellen's loft in tribeca. remember the dude with the coffin on wheels. i was just telling someone about that.