Wednesday, October 04, 2006

mouth roof skin flap

boy, for a couple of days now I have a flap of skin on the roof of my mouth that's just flapping and rolling around inside of my mouth. It's near my teeth, so it's not in the dead center. I can't think of what I did to get it...we saw a movie on Sunday afternoon and I was wondering if I ate some sharp popcorn, you know the stuff at the bottom of the bag that's all kerneley. We saw Jet Li's Fearless... it was okay, I'd wait for it to come out on video and would have rather spent the money on Jackass 2. Anyway, I might have drank some hot coffee that burnt my mouth and the roof skin flap might be the part of the burnt skin that came off. I thought by now it would have healed itself, but it's still flapping around, when I try to eat rice or vegetables, or even when I drink things.

It's actually more of a skin "ribbon" rather then flap. I had to sit in on an interview with someone today, and I kept smoothing it out with my tounge. I'm sure that looked real normal.

My boss keeps a tin of altoids on this conference table in his office we sit at when we are interviewing with him, or having meetings with him. It seems everyone reaches into the altoid tin and pops one in their mouth, which is good from the fresh breath standpoint. But the community grab aspect has me a bit skeeved out. Looking around my boss' office, I noticed that he has several tins of altoids stacked between binders and files. I commented, "boy, you sure like altoids." He replied, "Yeah, they're okay, but they mostly break up the uncomfortable akwardness of people meeting in here."

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GrapeNut said...

"the uncomfortable awkwardness of meeting in here."

??? is that kind of redundant?

skin flap. i hate those. i was planning on seeing fearless, thanks for the tip. i'll wait. speaking of, can't wait for the next harry potter. have you read order of the phoenix?