Wednesday, October 11, 2006

presentation went well!

I'm excited to say that my presentation went off without a hitch, and all day people at the conference were approaching me and asking follow-up questions. My boss said "You did really good," and when I told him I was nervous, he said if that's how you present when you're nervous, then being nervous is working for you.

I wasn't too nervous, not in the sense that I'm forgetting my material and choking or anything. Just the variety of people who are at the conference, not the largest crowd but close (about 90 people) and the biggest room I've ever presented in--I'll have to take a picture of it tomorrow. My palms get a little sweaty, and I have to remember to speak coherently and not slur like a drunk, but once I get up in front of the audience and I'm on, it all kind of melts away, and I feel like I'm actually an observer in the crowd rather then the person speaking from the podium. I ran over on time, and when I was flashed the "5 minute" sign, I momentarily lost my train of thought.

I'm really glad that I was invited to speak at the conference, and would gladly do it in the future, or speak at individual organizations.

All those years my parents told me that I talk too much, or talk too loud, are paying off.

Later that evening, I was walking around the lakeshore, when I saw a Channel 4 van. I walked by and took a picture, then took a picture of the local Coeur D'Alene correspondent. I'm sure that annoyed her, or at least made her think I was some sort of freak. At least in my corporate disguise I'm taken a little more seriously.

Here's two pictures of the sunset:

Oh, and here's a picture of the fireplace in my room:
It's not entirely real; a flip of a switch turns it on, and it doesn't really warm the room up. I think it's just for effect.

I have more pictures from a boat ride out to the floating green I'm going to post tomorrow, and I'm still back-blogged from some events that took place a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for reading!

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