Tuesday, November 07, 2006

another earthquake!

We had another earthquake Sunday night, it lasted about 2 seconds long and the epicenter was about 10 blocks from where I live. It was a small one, maybe 2.2 or something on the Richter scale. It happened about 7:30 PM, Ric and I were listening to the radio at a high volume and having a conversation over the radio. I felt the tremor, the whole couch shook, and I just thought one of our neighbors were pounding on the wall or something because we were too loud.

I found out on Monday that it was an earthquake, not my neighbor, who I also met yesterday. Her name is Kate, and she seems pretty normal and really nice.


GrapeNut said...

dude - that's scary!!!

GrapeNut said...

remember that episode when laverne and shirley moved to hollywood and there was an earthquake. there beds were rolling all over the bedroom.