Saturday, November 11, 2006

Autumn Afternoon

Well, I've made and posted another video on YouTube; I embedded it below. It's titled "Autumn Afternoon" (notice a seasonal theme here?) Sorry if the autumn thing is getting old, in another month or two I'll be making nothing but winter movies.

To record my movies, I'm using the movie making feature on my Fuju FinePix camera, and taking several short 5 to 30 second shots of things while I'm walking around. After I get home, I upload the movies, and arrange a storyboard using Windows Movie Maker. My brother recommeneded "Adobe After Effects," which I am going to look into. I find that Windows Movie Maker seems pretty limited.

The final step I take is use a program called "Blaze Media Pro" to reformat my movie from a .wmv to a .mpeg or .mov format. I'm now wishing I had a better quality camera to shoot footage with. Not that I need to start another hobby or anything.

I have a site on YouTube, that can be viewed by visiting

I also have a site on Flickr, a photo viewing/sharing web community thing. My friend Jahat recommended it to me, and she has some awesome pictures up there as well. My Flickr site can be viewed by visiting

I posted the entire set of "closed for the season" pictures up there.


Anonymous said...

Did Ric ever learn how to use a computer?


Anonymous said...

your camera takes better videos then mine...mine are really crappy!